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I began taking piano lessons when I was seven, and joined my first band in high school. I majored in music at Vassar College, and received my master's degree in music composition and theory from Montclair State University

I play piano, guitar, electric bass, and I sing. 

I studied Harry Partch's microtonal theory for several years, and both wrote for and performed with the Montclair State University Harry Partch Ensemble. I was lucky enough to perform once with Dean Drummond's Newband, filling in for a kithara player with a sprained ankle.

I'm a member of Headbrain, a group that creates improvised music and multi-media works. Headbrain released a self-titled album in 2011 and has performed at the Hoboken Studio Tour and the Paterson Art Walk.

In 2010, I was a performer in MK Guth's This Fable Is Intended for You: A Work-Energy Principle, which was performed in New York City's World Financial Center Gallery.

I teach piano, guitar, bass and ukulele lessons, and have worked at Rutherford Music Exchange and Fusion Academy Montclair. 

Selected Works:
Inside the Ice House (2009), for the MSU Harry Partch Instrumentarium





















The Lesson of the Moth (2004), also for the MSU Harry Partch Instrumentarium






















Both pieces are performed here by the MSU Harry Partch Ensemble.


Ten Bulls (2001)

for contrabass quartet

Twilight (2010)
for piano

Dream Window (2010) for pre-recorded voice, live percussion and digital sound manipulation






















Bug Vaudeville (2004) semi-improvised accompaniment to Winsor McCay’s 1921 film Bug Vaudeville. For guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, saxophone and samples.

Selected Albums:
Curtis Eller’s American Circus:


Una Pong:
Dissolve (audio sample: "Dissolve") 

i love you very much (audio sample: "Hey Julie!") 

Presents Universal Cosmonauts

The Tale of the Uncoordinated Cowboy (audio sample: "The Saga of the Uncoordinated Cowboy") ​


Headbrain (audio/video sample: "The Day the Earth Turned to Stone") ​




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